Who we are:

Goldblatt Partners LLP is highly respected by its clients, opposing counsel and adjudicators. We are distinguished by the excellence of our work on behalf of working people, trade unions, and not-for-profit entities including civil rights organizations, welfare rights coalitions, poverty law coalitions, environmental advocates, and equality-seeking groups.

While labour law is our core practice area, we also have thriving pension and benefits, Aboriginal law, civil litigation and criminal law practices. We also represent clients in a broad spectrum of other types of disputes, including public interest, constitutional, and human rights, as well as public inquiries, coroners’ inquests, and professional regulation and discipline matters.

What we are known for:

While Goldblatt Partners provides a broad range of legal services, we continue to be renowned for our comprehensive suite of services to trade unions and employee associations in every area of workplace law. This includes representation in applications before federal and provincial labour relations boards; in every manner of dispute before boards of grievance and interest arbitration; and in high stakes, complicated collective bargaining negotiations. We also represent our trade union clients before tribunals that deal with specialized workplace issues, such as occupational health and safety, pay equity, human rights, and workers’ compensation.

Constitutional litigation is another area in which Goldblatt Partners is well known. We have advocated for clients in many of the leading constitutional law cases that have determined the rights of workers and trade unions under the Charter’s guarantees of freedom of association and freedom of expression.  In addition, we have been at the forefront of many Charter equality rights cases, including most of the major cases in which the Supreme Court of Canada has dealt with LGBT equality rights.

Our involvement in class actions and public interest litigation has also attracted the spotlight. Over the past year, we successfully persuaded the Divisional Court to quash Ontario’s Student Choice Initiative, which forced colleges and universities to allow students to opt out of democratic student union fees; made submissions quoted by the Supreme Court of Canada in a case establishing that Canadians overseas have a constitutional right to vote; made submissions cited by the Ontario Court of Appeal in a case that affirmed the constitutionality of requiring physicians to abide by “effective referral” policies; successfully argued a summary judgement motion involving unpaid overtime in the banking sector; and resolved a number of class action proceedings involving unpaid overtime and employee misclassification.

Why we decided to join MyOpenCourt:

We believe that the practice of law presents unique opportunities to serve the community. Ensuring access to justice is a predominant value in our firm. We engage regularly in pro bono service, and persistently look for new ways to deliver our legal services beneficially and cost-effectively.

MyOpenCourt offers an easy to access, client-focused model for tapping into affordable relevant legal services.

Where can people learn more about Goldblatt Partners?

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