[Kingston, November 28th, 2023] – The Conflict Analytics Lab (CAL) at Queen’s University is excited to announce a research partnership with Leiden University led by Professor Daniel Peat.

Professor Daniel Peat is an Assistant Professor of Public International Law at the Grotius Center for International Studies at Leiden Law School. He acts as Academic Coordinator of the Advanced LL.M. on International Dispute Settlement and Arbitration and Director of the Leiden International Administrative Clinic.

The research partnership will focus on leveraging OpenJustice to help lawyers navigate international administrative tribunals. The partnership will focus on joint research initiatives, exchange of expertise, and the development of new tools and methodologies in the field of conflict analytics and legal technology. By combining the strengths of both institutions, this alliance aims to further the application of AI in legal research, providing novel insights and solutions to navigate the international administrative system.

Furthermore, by extending access to OpenJustice, these institutions seek to provide Leiden students and faculty with cutting-edge legal AI technology. This initiative underscores OpenJustice’s commitment to enhancing legal education and advancing access to justice through innovative solutions through a global lens. Participants from these institutions will have the opportunity to leverage OpenJustice for various legal applications, facilitating research and analysis.

Leiden University, with its rich history in legal studies and its commitment to pioneering research, aligns perfectly with the goals and vision of the Conflict Analytics Lab. This partnership is expected to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and resources, benefiting students, faculty, and researchers at both institutions.

The Director of the Conflict Analytics Lab, Samuel Dahan, expressed his enthusiasm about this new venture, stating, “This partnership with Leiden University represents a significant milestone in our mission to expand OpenJustice into a global legal research engine. By pooling our resources and expertise, we are positioned to make ground-breaking advancements in the application of AI in law.”

For additional information about OpenJustice and inquiries regarding access for your institution, please contact David Liang, Program Manager at the Conflict Analytics Lab, using the provided email address.

Partnership Contact: David Liang, Program Manager, Conflict Analytics Lab

Email: David.liang@queensu.ca

About the Conflict Analytics Lab:

The Conflict Analytics Lab at Queen’s University is a research-based consortium focused on the application of data analytics and artificial intelligence in legal conflict resolution and negotiation. It aims to advance the field of legal technology through innovative research, development of AI tools, and fostering collaborations with leading academic institutions and industry partners.