[December 7th, 2023] – The Conflict Analytics Lab (CAL) at Queen’s University is thrilled to announce a research partnership with Paris Dauphine University. 

This exciting venture is led by Professor Duncan Fairgrieve, a Professor of Comparative Law at Paris Dauphine University and Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Law, Director of the Product Liability Forum at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. Currently, Professor Fairgrieve is involved in multiple research projects that include European law, tort law, product liability, and comparative public law.

The partnership with Paris Dauphine University will involve students from Paris Daulphine’s LL.M. program working closely with OpenJustice. These students will play a crucial role in training OpenJustice to adapt and apply its capabilities within the framework of EU law. Furthermore, this partnership will involve the practical testing of OpenJustice by students at Paris Dauphine University, integrating OpenJustice into their academic and research workflows. This hands-on approach is designed to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of OpenJustice in real-world legal research scenarios. It provides an opportunity for students to interact with cutting-edge legal AI technology, fostering a deeper understanding of its potential in legal research and analysis.

Samuel Dahan, the Director of the Conflict Analytics Lab, expressed his excitement about this new collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Paris Dauphine University, under the leadership of Duncan Fairgrieve, marks a significant step in OpenJustice’s international growth. It’s an opportunity to tailor our AI-driven legal research tool to the nuances of EU law and to enrich the learning experience of future legal professionals.”

For additional information about OpenJustice and inquiries regarding access for your institution, please contact David Liang, Program Manager at the Conflict Analytics Lab, using the provided email address.

Partnership Contact: David Liang, Program Manager, Conflict Analytics Lab

Email: David.liang@queensu.ca

About the Conflict Analytics Lab:

The Conflict Analytics Lab at Queen’s University is a research-based consortium focused on the application of data analytics and artificial intelligence in legal conflict resolution and negotiation. It aims to advance the field of legal technology through innovative research, development of AI tools, and fostering collaborations with leading academic institutions and industry partners